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About us


At first the wasn’t any thoughts about forming a group, yet perform – in the summer of 2006 a few interested people gathered together to twirl poi, spin staffs, share information and to learn from videos they found on the Internet. After series of experiments and training, most tricks were tried out with fire, and sometime later in the following winter we formed our collective and created a show.


Fire performance – not only pleasurable to watch but also gives a lot of energy for the artists.

‘The feeling you get while dancing with fire is impossible to express in words – a whole new world opens in front of you – and the Fire is in the center of it,’ says group leader Natalia Egorenko.


At this time we tour all over Lithuania with shows of various complexity and duration, also we are planning to perform abroad.

If you are interested in joining our group, you can contact us by phone at +37061451891, +37067253714 or you can write to .